True Blood Season 6 Spoilers: Alexander Skarsgard on Eric's Future

True Blood Season 6 Spoilers: Alexander Skarsgard on Eric's Future

Actor Alexander Skarsgard spilled to GQ about Eric'f future! Check out the article below!

His Authority member sister, Nora, and best friend, Bill, went into full-blown Sanguinista mode; his former love, Sookie, dismissed him; and he had to release his progeny, Pam. And all of that doesn’t hold a candle to Billith’s bloody rise in the finale!

“I do like the flashbacks,” Alex spilled. “They're a lot of fun to shoot and I think when you have a character who is a thousand years old there's a great opportunity to learn about him throughout history.”

But as long as he keeps learning about Eric in a creative way without things growing stale, he’s open to anything.

“To the writers' credit, my fear is that it's always going to feel repetitive or redundant and creatively that's suicide if you don't challenge yourself,” he added. “But I keep learning about more about Eric every season.”

For now, however, A. Skars is happy taking a break, keeping his mind free of vampires and faeries until production starts up in January. In fact, when asked if he knows what will happen to Eric, he flat-out said no!

“This is always the case when we're on hiatus and I love it. It's a complete break,” he admitted. “The writers are getting together now to start plotting the next season. It's nice not being involved in that and then getting to see a script when you're back.”

Source: GQ