True Blood Season 5 Bill and Eric Are in Serious Danger

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July 2, 2012

Anyone who watched last night’s episode know of the new invention the ‘iStake’ (Steve Jobs would be proud!). But the new quick-killing app will pose a serious danger for Bill and Eric for our vamps Bill and Eric. The iStake apps won’t be removed for a while. It stays on for several episodes and Bill and Eric should be worried, they’re in danger, in serious danger.

In other news… Despite being freed from Eric, Pam will most likely help Eric on his quest to find Russel says Kristin Bauer the actress who plays her.

What do you guys think? Things just got intense. Comment below!

  • IHaveaSpoilerProblem

    It was a tumble of words for a bit, but otherwise, quite the suggestive spoiler in conjunction with this weeks sneak peeks. If they are staying on for more episodes, no one important dies by them…