True Blood Season 4 Episode 4 “I’m Alive and on Fire” Promo

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July 11, 2011

Check out the first promo for “I’m Alive and on Fire” episode of True Blood season 4. In this episode Sookie goes to Alcide for help in finding Eric while Bill finds a link with the Bellefleurs. Marnie needs help to undo a spell and Sam makes it into Luna’s inner circle. Jason wants free of his obligations and Tommy goes back to where he originated.

  • James Carter

    I am so eager to watch True Blood Season 4 upcoming episodes :)

  • Pod1990

    I cant wait to really get in to the series and see if they get sookie and eric together like they are in the book or if they will change more from the book some of the things they change are good but others are just wrong like the whole bill being king and killing of the queen. This means that they will have to make up story lines for other series. So can they realy still call it true blood when they dont follow the books. If they dont use most of the story out of book 4 for season 4 then i might stop watching because i dont think they will get eric and sookie together and i really want to see that happens because in the book they are really good together and i am a big eric fan. What can i say i have a thing for tall hot blondes.