True Blood Season 3 Finale – Russell Edgington Spoilers

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August 24, 2010

True Blood Season Finale Spoilers from Denis O’Hare ( Russell Edgington—the 3,000-year-old vampire king ).

  • In episode 12, the final episode, O’Hare’s character was encumbered with a lot of stuff, and it made the shooting process incredibly difficult. He had to do a lot of physical stunts. He had a lot of makeup. The make-up was heavy-duty, two and a half hours in, two and a half hours out.

What are they doing with him?! And will he survive?

  • O’Hare’s 3,000 years old, but he can be killed. The vampire rules are if you behead them, if you stake them with wood, or if you put silver on them, they’re going down. The silver weakens them incredibly, the wood will actually kill them, and beheading is game over.
  • There Will Be Tears in the Season Finale—but Not the Kind You Might Expect. Sookie gets mean and hurts me very deeply. Eric gets mean and hurts me very deeply. And even Pam gets a little mean to O’Hare, although she’s nice at one point, and hurts him very deeply. O’Hare’s weeps for joy at one point.

Russell Might Not Get What He Wants, Dennis hints:

  • I think Russell’s going to end up in a place where he didn’t expect

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