" Nothing But the Blood " Descriptions & Casting Calls

" Nothing But the Blood " Descriptions & Casting Calls

Here are all the official and unofficial episode descriptions for True Blood Season 2 Episode 1 titled as Nothing But the Blood. Spoilers below. For more episode, check our episode guide, spoilers aware.

Episode Descriptions

MSN Synopsis

A shocking murder outside Merlotte’s bar has the people of Bon Temps reeling; Sookie and Bill’s relationship is tested; Sam recalls an encounter he had with Maryann as a 17-year-old.

HBO Synopsis

A shocking murder outside Merlotte’s has Bon Temps reeling. Meanwhile, Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) relationship with Bill (Stephen Moyer) is tested when she learns about Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll), and of his involvement in her uncle’s death. Sam (Sam Trammell) recalls a shape-shifting encounter he had with Maryann (Michelle Forbes) as a 17-year-old. Jason (Ryan Kwanten) gets a sudden windfall that allows him to pay for a leadership retreat with the Fellowship of the Sun. Two adversaries find themselves sharing a mysterious dungeon and, possibly, the same fate.

Casting Calls

Below you can read unofficial casting calls for this episode.


This small, fatherly-looking man in his 60s is the Stackhouse family lawyer, who arrives at Sookie’s house unexpectedly. Obviously distraught, he’s sad to be the bearer of bad news…9 speeches & 3 lines, 1 scene (29)


“Trouble on legs,” this sexy barfly in her 20s propositions Jason (Ryan Kwanten), and when that fails, tries to work her wiles on his companion, Hoyt. She’s a real siren, out for a good time…2 speeches & 3 lines, 1 scene (44)


This bar patron in her 30s is questioned by Andy about the recent murder. She’s gossiping about the death with her friend Vonetta when the angry Terry throws them out of the bar…2 speeches & 3 lines, 1 scene (44)


Coralee’s friend, this bar patron in her 30s gossips avidly about the recent murder — right up until Terry throws her off the premises…1 speech & 2 lines, 1 scene (45)


Via satellite, this female news anchor in D.C. interviews Steve Newlin and Nan Flanagan, who exchange their explosively opposite views on the air…1 speech & 2 lines, 1 scene (21)


Late 20s - bright, pretty, cheerful wife of Fellowship of the Sun head Minister Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian), Sarah is an example of the new “hip” evangelical movement, hates vampires with a passion, deeply believes in her mission, her marriage, her country and her church. very feminine, but down-to-earth, also with a healthy appetite for life’s many pleasures… as she sees it, it’s all part of God’s gift to us. No actual nudity, but implied…SERIES REGULAR 7/13


Late 20s / early 30s - Daphne is sexy and down to earth, a real country girl, not the greatest waitress, but Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) couldn’t care less, once he gets to know her better. Common sense, no-nonsense, funny, definitely not neurotic. Nudity is preferable in this role…6 episode arc beginning with this episode.


A BIG HANDSOME, BEAR OF A GUY, around 25ish. All the energy Jason (Ryan Kwanten) has spent in his life getting girls, Luke has spent in the service of God. And growing. And being insanely competitive. Southern, Texan. no nudity required, although the guys at the church camp do spend time in their underwear…6 episode arc beginning with episode 202.