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Trophy Wife Episode 13 "The Tooth Fairy" Guide

Trophy Wife Episode 13 "The Tooth Fairy" Guide

trophy-wifeHere's the official guide of Trophy Wife episode 13 “The Tooth Fairy”. This episode is slated to air on Tuesday, Feb. 21 at 9:30PM ET on ABC.

  • When Bert loses a tooth and Pete misplaces it, his solution causes big problems with Jackie.
  • Meanwhile, Kate channels her maternal nature and advises Warren during his first study date, and Diane helps Hillary host her first high school sleepover, which leaves Hillary feeling embarrassed.

“Trophy Wife” stars Malin Akerman as Kate, Bradley Whitford as Pete, Michaela Watkins as Jackie, Natalie Morales as Meg, Ryan Lee as Warren, Bailee Madison as Hillary, Albert Tsai as Bert and Marcia Gay Harden as Diane.

Guest cast in “The Tooth Fairy” includes Eulala Scheel as Allie, John O’Brien as Manager, Kayla Farrish as Girl #1, Ali Wood as Girl #2, Payton Maguire as Amanda and Hannah Brie Howard as Rachel.

“The Tooth Fairy” was written by Justin Malen and directed by Jeff Melman.

Source: ABC