Will There Be a ‘Touch’ Season 3?

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May 11, 2013

UPDATE: As of 05/09/2013, FOX has officially cancelled Touch after two seasons. Read article here.

120125mag-Touch1Jake is Martin Bohm’s wunderkind. Can this kid’s unusual flair of dealing with numbers save their show from the chopping block this year? This is our early round-up for FOX’s Touch – by the end of the article we’ll state our early prediction on whether it’s on the bubble, likely to be cancelled, or if it’s lucky enough to be renewed for a season 3 and whatnot.

Kiefer Sutherland stars in ‘Touch’, a show that has a premise of universal and human interconnections played through a series of events intertwined with suspense and emotions. On the pilot, we’ve met Jake as Martin Bohm’s (Kiefer Sutherland) autistic eleven year old kid who hasn’t uttered a word in years. However, his anti-social disability opened a window for him to absorb and treat his surroundings in a rather unusual approach. His extraordinary knack for numbers and their relation to the events happening around the globe is quite fascinating. Indubitably, the brief summary of the plot alone is audacious. Though it is the second creation of Tim Kring who gave us Heroes, critics have questioned the show’s sustainability for the long haul.

After the second season premiere, fans have been dubious about the tonal shift it has presented as compared to the original season one plot. Somehow, they missed the emotional, gripping and more humane attack of the series rather than the new 24-esque thriller which depicts blood and violence.

What could be going on with Touch? Did the showrunners pushed their viewers’ interest away? Clearly, this show needs to figure out their status quo before everyone bails on their story.

Currently on the Friday night time slot in FOX, the sophomore series opened weak last February 2013. It was down 70% from its formal season one premiere on March 2012 (3.94 mil/1.1). The following weeks? Well, let’s just say that the show could definitely use a touch of miracle at this point. The ratings were simply erratic and mostly a slip from the previous outing.

Although the FOX drama has only aired ten episodes from its 13-episode order, we predict that it is likely to be cancelled than renewed by May of 2013.

Do you want Touch to get a season 3?

Touch season 2 wraps-up on Friday, May 10th.

*Note: The finale was formerly scheduled to air on April 26th.

  • krystal

    I LOVE the show Touch! I watch it religiously. Please of please make a season 3!!!

  • MJ

    Noooooooo! I love Touch. I’m rooting for season 3!

  • Jay

    yea i love Touch pleeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee make season 3 :) xxx

  • Ric

    This show is right up my alley, but not many people I know are tuning in. Seems like it is too high-concept for many to appreciate. I think it is well done and I hope it continues, but with most networks shooting from the hip these days, I’m not holding my breath.

  • Danny

    I love the show “Touch” and I hope there is another season! I’ve become a BIG fan this season (and I loved the first season as well! It was all pretty much setting things up for season 2) I will be terribly upset if this show were to end this season being the last. Seems to me that most of the shows I’ve become a fan of gets cancelled! Enough of that PLEASE?!! Give us our season 3!!!

  • EMMA

    i hope to god that there is a third season! i don’t want it to end!!!! PLEASE!!!

  • Emily

    I’m hoping for season 3. But, I do wish that the format from season 1 would show up again. I loved that it was so worldly. Every episode brought in 3 or 4 other stories in and threaded them into to main story. That red thread of fate was fasc
    inating to me.

  • junior

    man hope it gets a season 3 please!!

  • Edis

    Yes it is a great series a season 3 it’s a must I really love the show

  • http://www.facebook.com/brandon.cimino.1 Brandon Cimino

    I loved the 1st season but it turned into a show consisting of chasing, chasing and more chasing after Amelia in season 2. I tried to stick with it but it just got so wrapped up in the never-ending chase and emotionally uninvolved that it became a burden to watch. I’d be surprised to see ads for it again after this season

  • http://www.facebook.com/kathy.thomasfields Kathy Thomas Fields


  • rollin.foreva

    take down astracorp! free the people!! peace on earth!!!

  • roy

    please continue the series to third season. it’s a great show!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rfndelight Andrew Rfn Delght

    season 3 is a must they cant just leave it how it is…fox need to sort there heads out!!! they could always do a 2hour long special episode just to finish the whole series off

  • http://www.facebook.com/alison.louis Ali Louis

    I really hope it gets renewed! I keep hoping that the fact that they say “season finale” means they want to pick it up for next year. But the whole “one final revelation” thing they posted on the previews makes it seem like they’re going in for a series ending.

  • zachary

    Do not cancel this show. Touch is the best show on television. I hope there is a season 3, please. I don’t care about the ratings, to me its just about the show.

  • Mateus

    after the episodio 12 of season 2 i really want a season 3 as soon as possible

  • Tess

    It gives a chance for students and children with autism to be portrayed in a positive light! Taking it away would be discriminatory.

  • greatKate

    i love this show!!!! they cant leave us hanging!

  • hbdad

    Season 1 reminded me of that movie “Knowing” but was plagued by subtitled stpries of characters I didn’t care about overseas (the Iraqi family, the stupid cell phone story). Season 2 has more of a real story arc and is more interesting as they are digging more into the reason Jake has his abilities to begin with. Season 2 is a lot more fun in my opinion and holds my attention a lot more and I actually look forward to watching it now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/april.anjard April Anjard

    It would suck if there was no “ending”. It would be nice if shows like this were told that they were not going to get another season so they could wrap things up. I agree that the second season seemed to seriously change but then again it feels like they are getting close to some sort of ending. I hope they dont leave us hanging. I watched a show called KyleXY many years ago and they thought they would be renewed and left it at a huge cliffhanger. I hope it doesnt happen with this show. I hope that if its not picked up for a third season that they, at least, give us an ending. Sort of like the UK’s Being Human.

  • chris

    Watched both seasons over the past few days… Wish I would of knew about it sooner!

  • Molly

    Do people even research the articles they write for the internet? Touch Season 2 ends May 10th, not April 26th.

  • http://twitter.com/ShaneolGAP Shane Olga Ocampo

    Hi Molly, sorry about that. But, it was formerly scheduled to air on April 26th. Anyway, it’s all fixed now. Thanks for alerting us. :)

  • http://twitter.com/Annise13 Anna Nebesová

    Honestly I liked season 2 even more then the first one. Yeah, the series was amazing from the very beginning, but the second is so gripping and suspensful … I just love the story about 36 people, about Amelia and Jake. But well, I don’t care which way they’ll choose for season 3 – whether the first or more-action second – but please, make it!!

  • soleil63

    Hoping for season three. I think Fox ruined this show by such a long season off and then the move to Friday nights. I don’t feel they were invested in the show. I loved first season and loved the intensity of season two also, esp. the twist with the killer priest and Jake’s telepathic gift. Looking for new twists and turns for season 3. Best show on TV in my opinion and I am watching Friday nights or any other night it comes on. News was that Kiefer is looking for a back up for the series so hopefully it will be picked up by another channel.

  • Mirelle Dolak

    Please give Touch a season 3! It such an incredible and intelligent television series.

  • Me

    Please continue touch, it is my happiness!

  • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.falco.90 Anthony Falco

    Although season 1 and 2 almost seemed like two separate shows, both were great individually. The feel of the finale was series finale rather than season finale, but I’m hoping it comes back!

  • Sally

    I would hate for touch to be cancelled. I know that a lot of websites are saying that it has been but i am not exactly positive it is. I love the show so much but I see why it has been getting some bad ratings. I just watched the season finale and I have to say it was rlly interesting but violent… Anyways I need a season 3!!

  • Hannah

    Okay, Touch is seriously the only reason I watch TV. I relate to this show and to take it away would be like taking away someone’s weekly inspiration and ideas. If Family Guy is still running then I’m pretty sure this show could go a ton further considering that It’s one of a kind. I could see it going far places in the future. You can’t base the future of a TV show based on two seasons. You don’t base a future actress on their first show. Just give it a chance and if the writers are having a hard time thinking of a story line then I’m sure fans could throw some ideas out there. I think it’s worth it! If you cut Touch then I’m cutting Fox since it’s the only show I faithfully watch every week and they wanna take it away.

  • Devoted Watcher

    It definitely has to be back for a 3rd season…its the only thing I watch on TV.

  • Don

    Yes indeed there should be a Season 3, by the way Clea Hopkins and Martin Bohm worked so well together; I think she should come back as well, only for 1 or 2 episodes at least.

  • Nivster

    Touch is a very powerful and emotional drama, something we rarely see on tv these days. If it is cancelled, I hope another tv network is takes it on.

    I’m going to miss Jake.

  • Nancy

    I am a Chinese audience and I love Touch.

  • Nancy


  • Carlito

    after watching the season final they have to make season three… otherwise there would have been no sense to finish like this…

  • http://www.postlinearity.com gregorylent

    the writers didn’t have the consciousness to keep up with the original concept, which had so much possibility beyond what it became … such a waste

  • Taylor

    I really want season 3 I like to watch Touch. I makes you think on what will happen at the end. If there is no season 3 I don’t know on what I would do. Please please please have season 3. I love to watch Touch

  • Littl Blk Book

    Its really a great show but Honestly the ratings are pretty low compaired to Keirfer’s first launch from 24, its such a HUGE change in character so I think that’s the viewers haven’t bought much into it..but if it gets a 3rd season it would be awesome but if not we’re in great Anticipation for 24 THE MOVIE!!

  • Js

    Fans from Hong Kong love TOUCH and can’t wait for season 3!

  • Samm

    Too bad that the people in charge always cancel good shows and never give some shows a chance to gain their viewers. Yes we want Touch renewed for season 3!!

  • David

    In the last year there have only been two things I watch on TV sports and touch. this show will be missed immensely by my wife and I.

  • Disl Disl

    Touch is the only thing on television that i make it my point of duty to watch. I NEED TOUCH TO CONTINUE!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen Robinson

    TOUCH Season 3 is an absolute MUST GO AHEAD and FOX “Seriously” pay attention listen to the people who are watching the show, open your eyes and clean out your ears and LISTEN to what the people want. TOUCH MUST GO AHEAD AND MAKE A SEASON 3. I was on the edge of my seat ALL the way through series 2 it was nail bitting and its the only show that I turn on my TV to watch.

  • Lisa

    I loved all seasons of touch. And I’m only 10. I hope they have a Season 3 because this series is the best ever. I could actually really relate to it because I like math and science and action.

  • Paul

    Sorry to say guys – but just read that “24″ is coming back in May 2014, so “Touch” is officially cancelled.

  • Allie

    I want it back! Its the only reason I even watch TV!

  • Chris

    I’m also hoping for season 3, I’ve watched it since the first season and have really been enjoying the story.

  • eya

    season 3 please. – fan from the Philippines

  • Karmin88

    I would love a season 3 but Fox always kills the good shows

  • James Watts

    Aslong as they make it like Season 1 were everyone was connected in some sort of strange but brilliant way, It will be perfect. Season 2 I didnt care so much about, although I ave followed it through till the end, Season 1 was great. Season 2 wasnt great. Season 3 needs to be like season 1 for viewers to come back.

  • Lena

    Staging a campaign to save a tv show has worked before. Why wouldn’t it work now? This show is way to good to just let it die.

  • Reachoutemily

    This is my favorite show of all time! I’ve talked to a lot of other people lately that love the show too! Re-renew it!!

  • ferlin

    Maybe season 3 could link to that code box, the observers such as Avram and the knife that represents the tree of life.

  • JP

    SEASON 3 PLEASE!!! I love the series.. I just can’t hold on to the ending of season 2… There should be more.

  • MSHart

    I don’t watch tv much but, there are a few shows I do like to watch. I had never heard of Touch until about a week ago. so I looked it up and caught up on both the 1st and 2nd seasons. I really hope they have a 3rd season. In season 2 they have Jake saying that he has never said a word but, that is about to change. I would love to see that change. I hope that when he said “find him” that wasn’t all he was to say for the rest of his life. I would really like it if they gave this show another run. I have really enjoyed watching it. Third season….PLEASE!!

  • danny

    please please please make a season 3 i love the show and people that i know watch it to think the same. they carnt just leave it with ep 12 s 2 they need to make a least 1 more ep maybe 2 hours long and wrap everything up. but i love the show :)


    I miss this show. I was totally adiccted. The choice to cancel this show is the dummest choice ever made. If they do decide to return this show hopefully I bet millions of fans would watch it. Its proably the biggest show on television.

  • soulhearted777

    i want season 3

  • Renato

    I really want a Touch third season.

  • Lightwins

    Please renew this show! I LOVE IT! It is the only show I watch. Unfortunately, it seems that shows with real heart and meaning get cancelled while total crap gets renewed.

  • Lena

    Did you guys know there’s a petition going around to bring the show back. Just go to change.org, type Touch into the search box, click on the first article, go down to the messages from the petitions creator and click on the hyperlink to the new petition. I know it’s a long back road way to the petition, but it’s the only way I’ve been able to get to the page. And if you have a facebook account, I strongly encourage you to upload the hyperlink to the touch facebook page. I’d do it myself, but I dont have an account.

  • panglossian

    please continue touch series with season 3 – and 4, 5……

  • Wendy

    I love this show. There needs to be a season 3

  • Danny

    when is season 3 of touch


    please even in a small african island like mauritius we love touch dont cancel season 3 please

  • Lisa

    Defo needs to be a season 3!!!

  • John

    I was hoping for a season 3. I thought that both seasons were good, but I liked season 1 better

  • John

    choose a different timeslot?

  • Rudi Bergner

    unfortunately it wont be a season 3 i believe, and season 2 was not worst than 1… if you followed the first series you will see that the main problem still leads the series.. in season 1 and 2, i would love a third series, but the way that season 2 ended seems to be an ending, to a new start but it was canceled, they will leave it that way… it was a good show and i think it would be diferent to see what would happen next but ok… fox is ridiculous

  • Rudi Bergner

    lol separate shows?… oh god.. why? if you think that its because you didnt watch them.. its the only explanation

  • Rudi Bergner

    it kinda makes sense to end like this because this story ended, they would have to change the series completely, because the reason of the 36 are connecting with each other is to save their selfs, since one of the 36 tryed to kill them all and aster corp tryed to kill them too and control the world with theyr abillities, its like the common humans discovered the secret of god, so they had to act, but since the trheat is disabled they finished theyr task, see the last episode, the Rebe says to Avram that the 36 should act in the world unconsciously following the natural order of the world defined by god, amelia lost her abilities, maybe because it was destinated to die, and thats what i think that would let a new story open for season 3, but if we consider that its not a bad ending… but of course they had plans to continue, because its a series not a movie, and i was enjoying this series so much :(

  • Rudi Bergner

    jake stoped conecting with you? :( xd joking i was loving it aswell… fox ridiculous… one of the best series ever… but they prefer bones and special forces bla bla bla allways the same shit that we watch because its the only thing that they broadcast… we are controled by television… we watch what they give us, in times we are all at home and then good series die… like touch.

  • Rudi Bergner

    lol it was exactly what i did and now i know that it wont be a 3 season omg…

  • Rudi Bergner

    i bet it was some kind of a real aster corp that canceled touch xd

  • Rudi Bergner

    and it still has… season 3 would show those possibiloitys for sure…

  • Rudi Bergner

    even if you do it home made…. please this series needs to continue.. theres so much to create…

  • Briana Brink

    season 3 has to come out, i looove this show so much!

  • ellen

    I like a bit of both, series one was just an introduction but I loved the fact that is was across the world but series two, I found it to be thrilling and unpredictable I guess.. I would love series 3 to not be cancelled, I reckon there is a lot more that could be made out of Touch, its only just begun.