Will There Be a ‘Touch’ Season 3?

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May 11, 2013

UPDATE: As of 05/09/2013, FOX has officially cancelled Touch after two seasons. Read article here.

120125mag-Touch1Jake is Martin Bohm’s wunderkind. Can this kid’s unusual flair of dealing with numbers save their show from the chopping block this year? This is our early round-up for FOX’s Touch – by the end of the article we’ll state our early prediction on whether it’s on the bubble, likely to be cancelled, or if it’s lucky enough to be renewed for a season 3 and whatnot.

Kiefer Sutherland stars in ‘Touch’, a show that has a premise of universal and human interconnections played through a series of events intertwined with suspense and emotions. On the pilot, we’ve met Jake as Martin Bohm’s (Kiefer Sutherland) autistic eleven year old kid who hasn’t uttered a word in years. However, his anti-social disability opened a window for him to absorb and treat his surroundings in a rather unusual approach. His extraordinary knack for numbers and their relation to the events happening around the globe is quite fascinating. Indubitably, the brief summary of the plot alone is audacious. Though it is the second creation of Tim Kring who gave us Heroes, critics have questioned the show’s sustainability for the long haul.

After the second season premiere, fans have been dubious about the tonal shift it has presented as compared to the original season one plot. Somehow, they missed the emotional, gripping and more humane attack of the series rather than the new 24-esque thriller which depicts blood and violence.

What could be going on with Touch? Did the showrunners pushed their viewers’ interest away? Clearly, this show needs to figure out their status quo before everyone bails on their story.

Currently on the Friday night time slot in FOX, the sophomore series opened weak last February 2013. It was down 70% from its formal season one premiere on March 2012 (3.94 mil/1.1). The following weeks? Well, let’s just say that the show could definitely use a touch of miracle at this point. The ratings were simply erratic and mostly a slip from the previous outing.

Although the FOX drama has only aired ten episodes from its 13-episode order, we predict that it is likely to be cancelled than renewed by May of 2013.

Do you want Touch to get a season 3?

Touch season 2 wraps-up on Friday, May 10th.

*Note: The finale was formerly scheduled to air on April 26th.

  • Su

    Really enjoyed it…….. Lets have a series 3 please

  • Ttraceyy1

    Please continue with a third season. I’ve been pulled into this world of the 36 and I need to know more. More about these people. What this number means. Please don’t leave the story unfinished

  • Amanda

    Gutted there isn’t gonna be a season 3 :( loved touch had me hanging on edge end of every episode waiting to find out what happens next…gutted!!

  • John

    It was a really good show, but unfortunately, it’s one of those that FOX gets pleasure out of canceling. At least we’ll see Kiefer Sutherland in 24 next May!

  • B~

    This is bullshit, we want season 3. I thought season 2 was better anyway! Season one was just redundant.

  • Lee

    I think that the ratings for shows are not entirely true with the digital age we now live in everybody records shows to watch when they like at a time to suit them I would really like to see a season 3 so FOX PLEASE do a season 3

  • Angela James

    I have just finished watching the second season and left wanting more, onky to read its been canelled. Im so dissspointed. I thought season two was was a great progression in the story and even manged to turn my mum into a fan of the show. I would fully support anyone who would air a third season.

  • KB

    i loved the first and second seasons! i feel like that book in the end when he crossed out Amelia’s name will play a major role i want to see in following seasons!

  • Abigail Hook

    The best series on at the moment – this definitely needs to be renewed. There is so much potential in the premise and I should think there is a large fan base. Hopefully our appeals for a third series will be noted.

  • Jtbigpapi

    Touch was amazing totally should have a season three

  • Orchy

    I love this series
    Please !!!! don’t be end !!!

  • Anas Moiz

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  • Brianne
  • Michele
  • Bella

    I want to see season 3 so bad I am a big fan of touch I would be sad if they don’t play it

  • Katie

    Touch is awesome!! Please don’t end it!

  • Grace Cleome

    They have to make room for more reality shows. Intelligent good quality shows are being cancelled in unprecedented numbers. Dumbing down of America

  • Good2BKing

    cant believe it !!! im so tired of good show getting cut and leaving them with no ending… So Please do a season 3 even if its a short closing season it cant end like that.

  • John

    I’m glad the show ended on a good note, with all loose ends being tied up. If they pulled a cliffhanger I would hate FOX forever! It was a great show when it was on the air though, especially for families.

  • Jenn

    I would really like a third season… this sucks.

  • Charlotte

    I really hope there is a season 3. I think that this show is fabulous and it is actually my favorite show. I would be disappointed if they cancelled this show because it seems like all of my favorite shows get cancelled. I love this show and if they cancel it without furthering the character of Amelia I would be very disappointed.

  • Me From The Netherlands

    I hope there will be a season 3

  • shannon

    I think it’s pretty awful that the only way a show can get excellent ratings and continue on the air is when its only thing going for it is its high content of sex or drugs or brutal violence. I loved being able to watch a show that a REAL plot….not a “guessing game” of who was going to sleep with who next, or who was going to kill who…..
    Watching Touch with my family was one of the highlights in this often-hectic and crazy and negative world. The suspense was awesome, and watching the connection between Martin and Jake was incredible to us.
    Too bad that Fox screwed this one up by cancelling. Not a big fan of the network now. :(

    If by some chance anyone from FOX DOES happen to get wind of these messages, please, PLEASE hear this: do something positive for the American family. Give us at least ONE show we can watch without having to worry about our children being exposed to garbage.



  • Carolyn

    Why? I really liked it

  • praneet

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  • praneet

    please vote for touch season 3 at http://www.smgo.tv please vote we need 13944 more votes

  • praneet

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  • praneet

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  • praneet

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  • Hurt24fan

    Yes I would love to see another season. It’s so unfair to start a good new show and not even allow a little time to see where it might end up going. 24 was such a big hit and people in Virginia talked about it all the time and now to start and stop another Keifer Sutherland hit is frankly down right rude.

  • Michelle Hughes

    The show was inspirational, new and unique. The complex world can be explained if given the right circumstances. We need the answers that the show gives. Making (even tho it’s just a show) us feel ‘peace of mind’ and comfort and making it all make sense. PLEASE BRING IT BACK. We need ‘Touch’.

  • Terri

    I hope it comes back-I love it. I also love Keifer Sutherland.

  • Terri

    Please don’t cancel! I love the show and I really love Keifer Sutherland!

  • Jeff Hurst

    I love this show. Please bring it back

  • Susan

    Loved season 1 and the connections between us all, however wasn’t crazy about the change in season 2 as well as keifer constant breathy voice. Despite that, I would watch season 3 if they decide to continue

  • Kim Prochaska

    I agree keep touch on… They are canceling all the great and leaving all the bad one ! We all want touch !

  • jehssykaw

    3rd season!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW

  • Cathy

    there has to be a season 3, i have been waiting ages for this, it would not be right to cancel after saying there would be a season 3 and getting everyone’s hopes up who loved it, such as myself.

  • Aimee

    Loved the seasons!!!would love a 3rd please…

  • jake bohm

    We dont want yo end it like that..this is a fantastic series..please consider to have season 3 and so on and so forth.

  • Yahya

    Of courseeeee i want