Will There Be a 'Touch' Season 3?

Will There Be a 'Touch' Season 3?

UPDATE: As of 05/09/2013, FOX has officially cancelled Touch after two seasons. Read article here.

120125mag-Touch1Jake is Martin Bohm's wunderkind. Can this kid's unusual flair of dealing with numbers save their show from the chopping block this year? This is our early round-up for FOX's Touch -- by the end of the article we'll state our early prediction on whether it's on the bubble, likely to be cancelled, or if it's lucky enough to be renewed for a season 3 and whatnot.

Kiefer Sutherland stars in 'Touch', a show that has a premise of universal and human interconnections played through a series of events intertwined with suspense and emotions. On the pilot, we've met Jake as Martin Bohm's (Kiefer Sutherland) autistic eleven year old kid who hasn't uttered a word in years. However, his anti-social disability opened a window for him to absorb and treat his surroundings in a rather unusual approach. His extraordinary knack for numbers and their relation to the events happening around the globe is quite fascinating. Indubitably, the brief summary of the plot alone is audacious. Though it is the second creation of Tim Kring who gave us Heroes, critics have questioned the show's sustainability for the long haul.

After the second season premiere, fans have been dubious about the tonal shift it has presented as compared to the original season one plot. Somehow, they missed the emotional, gripping and more humane attack of the series rather than the new 24-esque thriller which depicts blood and violence.

What could be going on with Touch? Did the showrunners pushed their viewers' interest away? Clearly, this show needs to figure out their status quo before everyone bails on their story.

Currently on the Friday night time slot in FOX, the sophomore series opened weak last February 2013. It was down 70% from its formal season one premiere on March 2012 (3.94 mil/1.1). The following weeks? Well, let's just say that the show could definitely use a touch of miracle at this point. The ratings were simply erratic and mostly a slip from the previous outing.

Although the FOX drama has only aired ten episodes from its 13-episode order, we predict that it is likely to be cancelled than renewed by May of 2013.

Do you want Touch to get a season 3?

Touch season 2 wraps-up on Friday, May 10th.

*Note: The finale was formerly scheduled to air on April 26th.