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Touch Season 2 Episode 8 "Reunion" Guide & Photos

Here's the official guide and promotional photos of Touch season 2 episode 8 "Reunions". This episode is set to air on Friday, March 22 on FOX.


  • Following an exhausting turn of events at Breakwire, Martin, Lucy, and Jake track down Calvin outside Tony Rigby’s house.
  • After Martin collars Calvin into helping him locate Amelia, they head to Calvin’s loft where he explains Aster Corps’ motivations connected to Amelia, while Jake attaches himself to a revealing brain scanner.
  • Jake’s scan provides more information about Amelia’s whereabouts as well as a final piece to the puzzle for Calvin to communicate with his brain-dead brother.
  • Armed with leads to Amelia’s location, Martin, Lucy and Jake put their lives on the line when they attempt to infiltrate an Aster Corps desert facility.

Source: FOX