Creators of 'Touch' Previews What's Ahead For Jake and Martin In Season 2

Creators of 'Touch' Previews What's Ahead For Jake and Martin In Season 2

Showrunners, Tim Kring and Carol Barbee  spoke with TV Guide where they hash out the comeback season of 'Touch', starring Kiefer Sutherland. The second season will premiere on Friday, Feb. 10 on Fox with a special two-hour airing. Keep reading for the spoilers I grabbed from the publication.

Where does season 2 picks-up? 

"The show is more distilled this year, down to the central story of finding Amelia and trying to deal with the threats that are out there for people like Jake and Amelia. ... This is very much what the arc of the season is about, digging into the mythology of that, who's after them and why."

What can we expect from Maria Bello's character as Lucy ---

"[Martin] obviously has the motivation of, 'I need to find out who is after Amelia, because if I find out who's after Amelia, I'll be able to protect my son from these people,'. [Lucy's] is only primal. She is all id. She's all about surviving. It's mother bear. She's the mother that lifts the car to get her kid out."

Two new villains will be introduced in season 2

Lukas Haas as Calvin Norburg

"He's not just a straight-up bad guy. He has reasons for doing what he's doing, very emotional reasons for doing what he's doing. But because he has such a strong personal drive to complete this Amelia Sequence, he's doing some fairly ruthless things to get that done."

Said Taghmaoui as Guillermo Ortiz

"He's driven by an almost religious zeal. In the first season we explored the kind of upside of interconnectivity. This sort of explores a bit of the downside of it. ... He represents that very dark side of, what if you could actually find the connections in all things, and instead of doing something positive with it, you decided to kill somebody?"

More action and higher stakes season 2

"One of the things I love about the second season is how we have these three stories that are all sort of barreling towards one another through the whole season. And when they intersect, the stakes are really, really high and everything comes to a head."

Expect Jake to communicate more

"I think the audience is going to find they're not quite as frustrated with the inability for Martin and Jake to communicate with one another. That definitely gets easier. Jake is evolving and the closer proximity he is to Amelia, he evolves even more. They have some very interesting ways of communicating."

A promise of quick resolution in every arc

"There are near-misses. It's a needle in a haystack. There is a kind of storytelling that you'll notice that we do on this show, where the intention is to not stall a lot of story, [but] to really be very aggressive with the storytelling. In other words, you put 50 pounds of story into a 10-pound bag. Just really move it on, so that the audience doesn't feel like they're just doing 'the art of the stall' all the time."