‘Touch’ Cancelled After Two Seasons

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May 9, 2013

120125mag-Touch1Martin Bohm’s quest to reconnect with his kid has reached a dead end.

On Friday, FOX has officially cancelled Friday night drama ‘Touch’. Based on our early prediction report, the sophomore series opened weak during its premiere on February 2013. It was down 70% from its formal season one premiere on March 2012 (3.94 mil/1.1).

So far, FOX has renewed Bones, The Mindy Project, The Following, New Girl and Raising Hope for the fall lineup this year.

Will you miss Touch?

  • http://www.facebook.com/adamargabright Adam Argabright

    Well, I will watch Bones until it ends, and then I am done with Fox.

  • fares

    i watched touch and now it ended… i am done with FOX.

  • Eagle

    Touch was a great show and I am sad its over. But I have to give them credit for good ending. This is the way show supposes to end not like Merlin.

  • Vordis

    Touch was fantastci

  • jrl1009

    Touch was my favorite show. It was the best. FOX Sucks!

  • http://www.postlinearity.com gregorylent

    the writers didn’t have the consciousness to stay with the original vision .. it just descended into a bad thriller/adventure program ..

  • Tanieka

    So disappointed that this show is now cancelled. It had so much potential and foreshadowing for a third season and now it’s over! Not happy with Fox at all.

  • meg

    touch was my favorite show ever. im so upset that it ended, they could’ve done so much with the plot line after that season finale. gjbfljjsdljsdgldsj so upset.

  • RHAddict

    They always cancel amazing shows. Remember Firefly? And now Touch. Fuck you FOX! Fuck you so very much!!

  • stregha

    why is it every time I get excited about a series they cancel?? Touch is a great show.

  • http://paranoimia.co.uk Paranoimia

    A real shame. It was a slow burner in the first season, but this second season has been great, really stepping things up. At least it got wrapped up in a reasonably satisfactory manner, rather than leaving us in complete limbo.

  • Koopa

    Fox – starts a show and ends it abruptly… very disappointing. Touch was great and I enjoyed it. So many more things that can be done with a third season – no longer interested with Fox.

  • Flylipa

    I love this serie! How could they end it?
    This was the best serie FOX has created and now it ended… I’m really said!!

  • Fan

    So sad this has now been cancelled – the show really had a lot of potential. I hope they rethink their decision!

  • Liz

    Are you serious?! This is my favorite show! I think the reason behind the drop was from the lack of advertising. I never knew it was back on until I looked it up on google and caught myself back up by watching the episodes online. PLEASE DON’T CANCEL IT!!!!

  • StockportJambo

    Touch was obviously too intelligent a show to continue. :(

  • voilaoiseau

    WHYYYYYYYYYYYY????!!!!!! such a good show, I will miss it terribly ):

  • Belle

    Yes! Because it was something different

  • Ghino

    Unfortunately this show has its own target in sophisticated, intelligent and well-brained people …

    Every time I read news like this … I wonder about USA people tastes in fact of TV shows

    You are what you eat (world highest rate of obesity)

    And highest rate of amazing TV shows cancelled

    Sad :(

  • Idoia
  • Marta

    Sign now the petition to renew the series “Touch” for a third season:


  • zDELt

    One of the best series and now canceled!

  • ak6504

    What a major bummer… wish it was going on for a third season…

  • Zedan

    Oh my God how could fox cancel such a great Series, Touch was very thrilling it made me want to watch more, Im totally done with FOX for sure.

  • Flak you fox

    Omggg whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……..

  • Skylar

    Merlin and Touch suddenly ending has been the death of me, I don’t even want to watch shows anymore only to love the characters and loose them again

  • omerlevi homo

    the show is over, no more episodes can be, that’s it, jake’s now has freedom from aster corps, what more u need?

  • Will

    I can’t believe. That this has been cancelled. Why cancel ALL of the goo shows and renew the rubbish ones? No sense.

  • why ?????????


  • Ad

    They cancel too many good shows, they might as well stop making any.

  • zakaria chefi

    is may fav 01 in my list please people just we try to do some thing i find this link i dont know if can help or no is about voting for continue the serie please any one who like touch vote for it maybe have some solution to bring to fox (i wish to ) http://www.smgo.tv/shows/touch-season-3/ or if one have any similar link or any thing to save it just share

  • Pedro Ribeiro from Portugal

    what the hell???Fox sucks!!over a damn premiere episode??

  • Joris

    Now I hate FOX because they are showing a lot of bad serials and shows, but childreen don’t watch normal serials because they don’t understand some things, so FOX can’t get money for Touch so they cancelled it. Touch was the best serial to me so Fuck you Fox

  • jake

    bring it back I need to know the rest of the story. :*(

  • milly

    Not happy it is cancelled I loved it

  • Dragan Krsti?

    how much money fox needs to continue touch?

  • Ramona

    Of course!!!! They are idiots Bones?! Who the fuck watch Bones?! New gril?! WTF?! This is a beautiful drama:((( Now they are doing just shits….