Timeless Spoilers: Flynn to be incarcerated in season 2, teases EP

Timeless Spoilers: Flynn to be incarcerated in season 2, teases EP

Timeless boss Eric Kripke has previewed what's ahead for Flynn on the yet to be renewed second season of the time travel series. 

Get the spoilers:

Flynn, when we find him in Season 2, I don’t know 100 percent yet, but you can probably bet that he’s going to be in some kind of incarceration, and he’s going to be really f–king pissed at Lucy. And yet, he is going to be one of the few people suited to being able to fight whatever threats they face in Season 2. So it’ll be uneasy and uncertain.


The EP also explained the mysterious thing that happened to Jiya and what it means for her moving forward:

She was affected by being the fourth person in the machine, and what she ends up seeing is this flickering between the Golden Gate Bridge present day and then the year when it was being constructed. What does that mean, and what is happening to her, and what is she able to see, and how does that grow and change in Season 2 becomes part of the story. The only mild spoiler that I’ll say about it is one of my all-time favorite books is Slaughterhouse-Five, [which is] about a man who becomes unstuck in time, and that was part of the inspiration for what is starting to happen to Jiya.


Kripke and co-showrunner Shawn Ryan reveal the top historical figures they wish to tackle in season 2:


For me, it’s Robert Johnson, the blues guitarist. I’m dying to tell the story of juke joints and traveling blues guitarists.



Well, I want Leslie Jones to come over the summer when she’s not shooting Saturday Night Live to play Harriet Tubman. [Laughs.]

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