Timeless Spoilers: EP teases a satisfying season 1 finale

Timeless Spoilers: EP teases a satisfying season 1 finale

EP Shawn Ryan promises a satisfying season ender for Timeless' freshman season. 

Get the spoilers: 

 It answers a ton of the questions that we’ve raised. We’ve had a pretty good plan from the beginning of the season. There are things that happen in the finale that we had plotted out in our first couple weeks in the writers’ room back in June.

We’ve known for a while that we were going to make 16 episodes this season, so we were able to plan for that and build to this. My daughter, who’s a huge fan, she usually watches early cuts with me, and I showed her this episode, and she was like, “Oh, my God, so much happens! So much to process!” [Laughs] So I hope and expect that [the viewers are] going to be happy and satisfied.


Some new questions are asked. It’s a great setup for what could be in Season 2. But a lot of things come full circle.

The EP also addressed Rufus' fate on last week's cliffhanger. He said: 

It’s not so much about whether Rufus will live or die, because — spoiler alert! — he lives. He’s one of our main characters and a popular one, and we’re not going to kill him. So as long as there’s a Timeless, Malcolm [Barrett] has a reasonable amount of job security. It’s more about the storyline that it leads to. Rufus is unable to pilot the lifeboat alone because he’s wounded, and so he needs some help, which comes from some unexpected places, and it kind of turns the story into a new direction, and then turns again.


  • Expect for a twist you'd probably never see coming.  

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Source: TV Line, TV Line