Timeless Spoilers: EP reveals early season 2 details

Timeless Spoilers: EP reveals early season 2 details

Timeless boss Eric Kripke dropped some early season 2 intel at Comic Con on Thursday, revealing that Lucy’s mother will be sticking around as one of the show’s Big Bads. 

He said:

Lucy's mom is really going to be one of the major big bads in season two. 

Rittenhouse does have their hands on the time machine, so that is way worse than Garcia (Visnjic) having his hands on the time machine, and Garcia and the team are kind of, sort of now facing a common enemy, so there's going to be some sort of complicated, really fraught, messy team-up with that.


Kripke also said that the political climate in the US might influence the storytelling of season 2: 

The thing that we really found this year, that we really love about the show is we really, like, are very proud that we were able to tell these very positive, really inclusive stories about history, stories about women and stories about minorities and stories about gay people — that everyone contributes to the history of this country. 

I will be the opposite of political in this, but I would say that's a very good message these days. I would say there's a lot of doubling down on that in season two.

Timeless season 2 is being eyed to premiere sometime in 2018. 

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