The Walking Dead Spoilers: Will Andrea Save Daryl?

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January 16, 2013

Heads up! An all new The Walking Dead returns on February 10!

To kick off this year’s spoiler scoop on the post-apocalyptic series, I’m sending my shoutouts to all Daryl fans out there! If you’re feeling a teeny bit of angst about your favorite badass zombie slayer, fret no more because TV Guide covered us some very good news! Apparently, when Andrea becomes finally aware of her BF’s (The governor) extra-diabolical deeds, she will come to rescue! Get the spoilers from the portrayer of Andrea herself, actress Laurie Holden:

“Once she realizes her friends are in jeopardy, and that any harm has come to anybody that she cares for, she’s going to take action. To see her friend Daryl not only alive, but captured by the man she’s been romantically entangled with is shocking. It’s her worst nightmare.”

Get the official promo for the midseason premiere titled “The Suicide King” here.