The Walking Dead Spoilers: Who’s Your Daddy? Rick or Shane? — Sara Wayne Callies Weighs-in!

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November 7, 2012

Last time on The Walking Dead..

When the world has given up and everything we see is a road full of walkers, DNA testing is possibly the last thing that will ever cross our minds. Now that Lori has given birth to her child, I know for sure how much you’re dying to know about the real father — Rick or Shane? To give us the latest scoop, here’s E! Online reporting –

Callies says that she believes the next episode is where we find out if the baby is a boy or a girl. As for the sex of the baby, she speculates that we will only know for sure who the father is based on the eyes of the infant. “I think the only definitive way to tell in a world where there are no paternity tests, is if the baby has blue eyes. If there is a brown-eyed baby, there is no way to know. If it’s blue eyes, it’s Rick’s.” If you need a lesson in genetics, please get your Google on.

If you were on Rick’s shoes, how would you feel about this baby?

‘The Walking Dead’ airs every Sunday on AMC.


  • NoOne

    Well, it’s still Lori’s baby and if he loved her so much, he is going to love her child as well