The Walking Dead Spoilers: Who Are The 3 New Characters Introduced in "Inmates"?

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Who Are The 3 New Characters Introduced in "Inmates"?


Last week's installment of The Walking Dead "Inmates", introduced three new characters: two white men (one badass and the other lame-looking) and a fair-skinned lady clad in a Britney Spears dance costume.

Besides from looking fierce, these three new dudes look pretty satisfied from where they stand. They got the weapons and the sweet military ride, and on top of that, they appear quite healthy compared to the deteriorating major characters who's still trying to survive and the ones who already died.

(Wherever they get their supplies, I'm telling Michonne!)

To get down to the gist, let's talk about their identities and stalk their facebook profiles.

From our recent spoilers, we've learned that the aforementioned (comic-based) characters are named Abraham (played by Michael Cudlitz, Southland), Eugene (Josh Mcdermitt, Retired at 35) and Rosita (Christian Serratos, Twilight).

Now that you already know their names, we've managed to excavate more dirt for your pleasure reading. Here are some quick facts about their characters from Issue 53 of  Robert Kirkman's comic book series:

Sgt. Abraham - an Army man and sports coach. He is Rick’s right-hand man and an asset to the group’s defense team.

Eugene Porter -a former high school science teacher who crosses paths with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the group.

Rosita Espinosa - described as tough and beautiful, she's also a love interest for Abraham.

Will they be season 4B's new villains? It seems so. TV Guide has shared this hint in a recent report:

In the comics, Abraham is Rick's right-hand man, but the show will go down a different path. "Some of those stories that join us together have been told already," Michael Cudlitz tells me. For example, on the TV show Rick has already taken that trip back to the armory with Shane instead of Abraham, as in the graphic novel. "At that point in the comics, they have an understanding. We're going to handle it differently," Cudlitz says.

Do you think Abraham and co. are as badass as they seem? Weigh-in below.

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