The Walking Dead Spoilers: Which Comic Character is Confirmed to Appear? Plus, An Old Friend Returns!

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November 19, 2012

More characters from the original comic-book series are coming on AMC’s The Walking Dead!

As earlier reported, it has been rumored that ‘The Wire’ actor, Chad Coleman will make an appearance on the zombie-packed series as Tyrese, a fan-favorite from the comics. Now, I can confirm that this rumor is now a fact, thanks to our source – TV Overmind. Additionally, Coleman’s appearance can be expected on the season 3 finale.

The report also gave another information about a recurring character atleast everyone thought was already dead. Remember the guy who saved Rick since day one of dooms day? That’s right, Morgan is finally meeting the survivors! However, according to the report it has been suggested that Morgan’s re-appearance will be “From A Distance”. This means that he is unlikely to interfere between the impending clash of the Governor and Ricktator.

Are you excited about this new development on The Walking Dead?

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