The Walking Dead Spoilers: Two Things To Expect in Season 4

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October 2, 2013

-the-walking-dead--s (28)The Walking Dead season 4 premiere is only days away! As you count down the remaining days, you might wanna check out some spoilers abound on the new season.

Here are two things we’ve learned:

  • Things are very different at the prison when the series returns: Rick is no longer a leader. He’s also no longer crazy, but that doesn’t mean that he’s handling his newfound position well. In fact, he’ll come across a fellow survivor who has also done terrible things to survive that will make him realize that there may be no redemption.
  • The group will have bigger fish to fry when old-school issues become major problems in this new world.


Source: TV Guide

‘The Walking Dead’ returns Sunday, Oct. 13 on AMC