The Walking Dead Spoilers: [SPOILER REMOVED]

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March 18, 2013

Update: We had to remove the spoiler due to request by the AMC.

  • Punkface

    I’m gonna miss the dirty bastard.

  • Patrick

    I have a bad feeling that the body lying at Merle’s feet might be Daryl. The jeans, light grey shirt, (possible) beard, and short brown hair look like it could be him. I really hope I’m wrong, though.

  • zombosity

    im going 2 cry

  • lucrezia

    the one he’s eating is ben

  • Kris ? Hiddles

    I’d say Daryl is the one standing there (that one hand we see) and the one who will kill zombie Merle. I really hope Merle stays safe and these are just photoshop :)

  • LSWasp

    I LOVE Merle! They can’t do this! It’s so wrong!

  • Tommykey69

    That looks like the young black haired kid in Tyreese’s group lying dead on the ground and The Governor is the one facing Merle.

  • Marci Marry

    I will actually be bummed if Merle dies/turns.

  • Bob Papadazzio

    Doubtful. Look at the hand in the right side of the first picture: you can clearly see a black sleeve with a zipper, much like would be found on a leather jacket… like the leather jacket Daryl wore when he, Rick, and Hershel went to the meeting with the Governor.

  • eric

    I think daryl is facing his brother not the governor and yes that is the young one in tyrese’s group……trying to figure out if merle is really going to hand over michonne or is using her as bait to kill governor

  • Vince

    well that is one scary ass zombie.

  • Joe Vettuci

    Come on why they gotta kill Merle, dude is bad ass and we barely got to see him and his brother in action i mean the just brought them together it would be a shame if they killed him off now

  • Alex

    Just made me think, why doesnt the Governor arm the walkers. Put armor on them.Helmets. Tape knives to their hands.

  • Lon WElz

    The one standing is daryl….he is wearing the same black leather jacket/clothes as in another spoilerphoto from the episode.

  • sebashiki

    I think that the body lying at merle’s feet is the young men of Tyresse’s group, the youngest one.

  • Walker Fan

    The body on the ground actually looks like Glenn.

  • Riverside

    Unacceptable >:( Why Merle? The walking dead starts to suck. First beautiful Lori now Merle and the annoying persons staying still. Like this baby that don’t have a place in the movie except pulling the group back >:( Sucks

  • the Brav

    Why couldn’t this all be a dream / nightmare? After all doesn’t the preview also show the return of Lori.
    On a similar note, a little flour and blood would make a great ruse to suck in Woodbury threats.
    If it is true, I say take the GOV’s other eye and lock him in with Merle Z.
    Let what happens, happen.

  • Zaca Fett

    I think it’s carol D:

  • Gary G.

    There is a tractor farmstead across the way from the feed store where Rick met The Governor, Merle is strangled to death by Philip and becomes a walker, he eats Ben and Martinez finds him, Merle bites Martinez so he is forced to run. Out of mercy, Daryl puts down Martinez and then finds Merle. What happens next? I’ll let you watch ^^ I am not lying either, look it up.

  • phoenix

    Shame. There could of been some rich storyline with Merle sticking around.