The Walking Dead Spoilers: Showrunner Weighed-In on Michonne's Pets, Milton's Experiment and More!

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Showrunner Weighed-In on Michonne's Pets, Milton's Experiment and More!

In a chat with EW and THR, The Walking Dead executive producer Robert Kirkman discussed a number of mysterious plot points on the AMC zombie-packed series. If you're dying to know about the background of Michonne's zombie pets, the Governor's creepy man-cave, and Milton's experiments, just keep reading!

What a lasting impression with the wall of zombie heads. What's the message that you're sending about the Governor with that epic scene from the comics?

It's supposed to be something jarring. He's got Michonne's walker pets in one of the fish tanks and the pilot from the helicopter added; it's something the Governor's been collecting. You should get a sense, and if you've read the comics you know that this is something he does from time to time. The reasons why he has these heads and what it is he's actually doing while he's just sitting there staring at them remains to be seen. It's part of the mystery surrounding the Governor. There's much more from where that came from and as the season continues to unfold, we'll discover more possibly horrific things about this guy.

Shupert, one of the two men watching Michonne and Andrea, seems to be a bit conflicted about the Governor. Is everyone accepting of the Governor or might someone warn Michonne that she's right to be suspicious?

There's a lot going in on Woodbury. We haven't revealed the extent of what everyone's devotion to the Governor is. He's clearly the leader of Woodbury and he leads with iron fist to a certain extent. We've seen his dark side and will possibly, eventually see an even darker side. But how loyal his people are and what may occur in Woodbury remains to be seen.

Andrea questions why Michonne's pets were so important to her. Any plans to reveal their backstory -- as you did in the recent Walking Dead Michonne one-off comic?

Those two characters definitely have a backstory. Readers comics know who they were and what their relationship to Michonne was. Whether or not we're going to follow that exactly remains to be seen. We may learn what's going on or we may not. Those characters were somewhat important to Michonne and there's definitely something there.

One of the other new characters, Milton, is a scientist-type who’s investigating the zombie phenomenon. Clearly some people would start doing that in a real undead apocalypse but, for zombie movie fans such as myself, that plotline can’t help but call to mind George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead and the experiments that film’s scientists conduct. Did that give you pause for thought?

We try to avoid anything like that that can be directly referenced into another zombie movie. I think that Milton, as a character, is vastly different from Dr Frankenstein in Day of the Dead. It’s just one of those things where it’s logical that would be happening in that situation. Now, we’re not necessarily going to get into dissections and a lot of the crazy scientific things that Dr Frankenstein did in Day of the Dead but Milton is a very smart individual who is saying, “Hey, look, why aren’t we trying to learn more about these things’ behavior? They’re something that we’re going to be dealing with for a long time, let’s do our due diligence and learn everything that we can possibly learn about this to help us survive.” So, throughout this season, you’ll see him doing experiments from time to time and various things that will hopefully give him the information that he’s looking for. To us, that seems like a really interesting plot point.

How long will we have to wait to find out the identity of Michonne’s jawless zombies?

Well, look, I’m not going to reveal that. I will say that there is definitely a story there and people who have read the comic book series, they’re aware of what that story is. Now, whether it plays out exactly like it did in the comic book series, that remains to be seen and that’s kind of the fun of the television show. So peo0le are just going to have to stay tuned!