The Walking Dead Spoilers: Showrunner Teases a Twisted Journey For The Survivors & A Methodical Governor

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February 8, 2013

TV Fanatic interviewed exec. producer Gale Ann Hurd of The Walking Dead where they discussed the forthcoming journey of the survivors on the second half of season 3.

(Yes, there will be spoilers ahead so better keep an eye out!)

How evil will we get to see the Governor go?
I think you’ll see. The fantastic thing about David Morrissey is that he brings such depth to the character. He’s not a cardboard cutout of an evil mustache twirling bad guy. You see why so many people are following him. He’s strong. He’s got a plan. He’s also incredibly twisted. He gets pretty dark.

Merle and Daryl had a mini reunion at the end of “Made to Suffer.” What will their relationship be like for the future?
It’s complicated. It’s a very complicated relationship, and it’s one that sprung from a family in which violence was an every day occurrence. After having been apart for so long, they have grown into two very different ways. I think both of them never expected to be part of a community, but they both have integrated themselves quite well. If anything, they’re thriving in the zombie apocalypse in a way they couldn’t have in normal times.

Do you think Michonne might follow that same path and feel a part of the group?
We haven’t seen it yet. In an interesting way, she’s even less trusting than Daryl and Merle, so she would rather head for the exits than stick around to see if someone can be trusted.

What can you tease about what’s in store for the second half of season three?
Well, things get even more twisted and complicated, and you really have to wonder where certain character’s loyalties lie. I think some very surprising things happen that take a dark dangerous turn.

‘The Walking Dead’ returns on Sunday, Feb. 10 on AMC.