The Walking Dead Spoilers: 'Ricktatorship' in Season 3

The Walking Dead Spoilers: 'Ricktatorship' in Season 3

This Sunday, The Walking Dead season 3 is back for another zombie apocalypse drama. We also learned that the series is going to set around 2 major locations: a prison and inside Woodbury. Additionally, when the credits start rolling on the premiere, expect to feel suppressed under the new dictator -- Rick Grimes.

Here's a few spoilers we grabbed from TV Guide about 'Ricktatorship' that's about to invade in season 3:

"It's been blown out of proportion,"

"There's a difference between having everything you're fighting for crumble around you and you getting pissed than being a dictator. It's definitely not like that. There's not one guy, Rick or otherwise, sitting up on a mountaintop commanding people to do things against the world."

-- Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon, says of Ricktatorship madness.

"I think he's proved himself,"

"You get a real sense of where Rick has gone and the extremities that he's willing to go to in order to keep the family alive." Still, inside, Rick is slowly imploding under the ticking time bomb that is Lori's (Sarah Wayne Callies) pregnancy. "Rick goes down the rabbit hole this season, and you start him off in a very dark place."

-- a statement from the on-screen Rick Grimes, Andrew Lincoln

Stay tuned for more 'The Walking Dead' news and spoilers.