The Walking Dead Spoilers: Norman Reedus Previews Season 3 -- Plus, Scoop About Daryl & Merle and The Governor!

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Norman Reedus Previews Season 3 -- Plus, Scoop About Daryl & Merle and The Governor!

Digital Spy invited The Walking Dead actor, Norman Reedus where he teased the latest season of the zombie-packed series coming this fall. Check out the excerpts we grabbed from the Q&A below!

How is your role different this year?

"Well, I've kind of stepped up in certain areas, so there is more for me to do. Shane (Jon Bernthal) left last year and he was a big part of the storyline - we have a lot of new characters, it's sort of spreading out. I don't want to give anything away, but I've sort of become Rick's right hand man in a way, so I'm doing a lot of physical stuff."

How much fun is for you to play Daryl? He has to be the most bad-ass character on TV.

"It's a blast - I run around shooting zombies in the brain all day, it's pretty exciting! I like playing him, as emotionally immature as he is. He's sort of like a little kid in a lot of ways.

"He is figuring out how to deal with people and situations for the first time. Even if there wasn't a zombie apocalypse, I don't know he'd be hanging out with many people - he's a man of few words!"

In season three, the survivors are moving to the prison. How is that going to affect the show?

"Well, we find the prison and when Rick sees it, he kind of imagines this whole grand idea. It's kind of like Club Med to us, a place where you can sleep easy at night. But the prison... you can sleep there and nobody can get in and it keeps you safe from walkers, but first you have to clear it out.

"There's a whole bunch of episodes a lot about that - we're finding people in the prison and all these things happen. It's nice for us, but the problem is that other people think the same thing!"

Was the prison a real physical set then for the most part?

"Graham 'Grace' Walker built it; he's kind of a genius at set design. He added portions of it to the back of our studios and then built the rest of the prison from there. If you come round one side, you enter the interiors of the prison, and then from the other side it looks like [the exterior of] a prison. Every single inch of that thing is amazing - I mean, it should be in the Louvre!"

Have you had the chance to work with the new stars of the show, like David Morrissey?

"Yeah, I have had the chance to work with David - that's now coming together in certain ways. He's a great guy, I love him. I sort of have a crush on the Governor - maybe next season me and the Governor can run off together!"

What would you say David brings to the role of the Governor? Fans are very excited to see that character...

"He's got a very commanding energy to him. He's quite the charmer, David Morrissey, but he has this evil behind his eyes - the way that he's playing this character and how they're writing him... it's interesting. He's not a one-dimensional guy.

"You look at the comic and people were going, 'You need this person to play this part and this person to play that part', but I think David is just the exact right person for this job because he has this martyr syndrome at the same time that he's twisting his moustache, so to speak.

"But he's a very interesting guy, he's super-charming. I've met his wife and his kids and I love the whole family... I want to move in!"

We know that Merle Dixon is back in season three. How is Daryl going to deal with that?

"There's a lot of talk about this right now. He's going to come back and he's going to come back pissed. He's going to want revenge.

"But where do Daryl's loyalties lie? There's going to be a lot of conflict and Michael Rooker is such a fun actor - he's so over-the-top, in the best possible way. He's such a bad guy! When I first found out he was my brother, I was so excited."

Daryl's relationship with Carol is another interesting part of the show. How would you like to see that develop?

"I don't want to see those two making out against a tree - I'd rather leave that to other characters that get introduced. But I like how damaged people gravitate towards damaged people and have this sort of kindred spirit. They see the damage in other people that they have in themselves.

"I always find it more interesting that you have someone's back for reasons that are very similar to yours, rather than just, 'I want to make out with her', y'know?"

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