The Walking Dead Spoilers: Lauren Cohan Teases the Upcoming Clash! -- “It’s going to be crazy!”

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Lauren Cohan Teases the Upcoming Clash! --  “It’s going to be crazy!”

On Last Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead titled "Say The Word", more of the Governor's true color has been unleashed. We saw him taking care of his daughter, Penny, who has turned into a disgusting, hungry walker. I must say, seeing him brush her hair like a caring, totally sane father not only looked downright crazy, but also states an apparent manifestation of what the Governor is capable of in terms of protecting his own. Also kinda makes me think, "Is he feeding alive people to Penny?" Guess I have to tune in on the next episodes to find out.

Meanwhile, Woodbury has become a venue for the Zombie Olympics. Again, another revealing moment for the Governor. Andrea on the other hand, has finally gotten the bigger picture of what Michonne has been stressing to her. Now that she's gone, will it be all "I told ya so?" for Andrea?

Back to the prison, Maggie and Daryl teamed up to look for baby formula. Rick, obviously grieving Lori's death, has gone rogue. Those two events were played highly in contrast. The born of that child softened the rest of the team while Rick on the other hand displayed nothing but rage.

By episode's end, we were left by a cliffhanger where Rick answered an anonymous phone call. How convenient for him, perfect co-incidence perhaps?

Now on to the spoilers! Obviously, these two sets of survivors -- Rick's team and the Goveror's Woodbury team have got to meet anytime soon. And to tease us about the impending collision that awaits us, EW taked to actress Lauren Cohan (Maggie). And we grabbed her statements to give us a good lead about the upcoming episodes. Check them out below!

“Maggie plays a big part in that. It’s going to be crazy!"

-- says the actress about the clash to happen between Rick and the Governor.

  • Cohan spoiled that there will be more deaths to come --

"The body count is not done. That’s pretty much all I can say, but we’re not just going to see death. There’s going to be a whole host of challenges now that we’ve got the human threat. Woodbury is up to no good. The Governor is up to no good; it’s really scary. We’ve got some scary stuff ahead.”

  • When the two teams meet, who will serve as the leader? EW tells us that, that trajectory is still unclear but expect a hostile environment drawn-out from the Governor. Cohen adds --

“It’s interesting to see within the prison [group that] people step up and lead even if they don’t want to. In Woodbury, the Governor steps up and takes control because that’s something he couldn’t have gotten away with in the real world. And that has absolutely no limits.”

What are your expectations when Rick and the Governor finally goes head-to-head?