The Walking Dead Spoilers: Lauren Cohan Teases Maggie’s Relationship w/ Glenn and More Darkness To Rise In Season 3

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October 21, 2012

Lauren Cohan sounded ecstatic discussing her character on today’s entertainment juggernaut, The Walking Dead, in an interview w/ TV Fanatic. After the phenomenal hit in ratings on the premiere, we can’t wait to hear what the actress has to tease about what’s ahead for the walkers and the survivors this season. Here goes another round of gore and morbid spoilers!

Maggie is no longer just the farm girl –

“I think in last season Maggie was ready to be involved in something and she didn’t quite know what her challenge was going to be. So, now, by the time we get to season three, the way that she can contribute and fight is very apparent, but also that Maggie has always been a woman of strong instinct. Now she’s acting upon that.”

Maggie’s growing relationship with Glenn, Lauren teases –

“We definitely see a very close couple. I just love that relationship. You get to see this young couple go through the trials and tribulations a young couple would. They learn to communicate, learn to be vulnerable in front of each other, and especially for Glenn, this guy who’s kind of geeky. You have this really real thing [that fans get to see].”

On her favorite Maggie/Glenn intimate scene that is yet to come –

“It is one of the sweetest moments. We really need Maggie and Glenn for those hopeful moments, but you’re gonna have to earn it because it doesn’t happen early in the season.”

Lauren was even more stoked to spoil us about an upcoming setting –

“Wait until you see Woodbury. The juxtaposition between us and them will be eerily illuminating and great to watch… we have a whole new group of characters.”

‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 airs every Sunday on AMC.