The Walking Dead Spoilers: Lauren Cohan Talks New Baby Responsibilities for Maggie! — Q&A

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November 11, 2012

The Walking Dead actress Lauren Cohan talked to EW where they discussed the new challenge for the survivors. On the series, her character Maggie, sliced open Lori’s pregnant belly in order to save her baby from death.
Lori, on the other hand, was in no way to surviving and unfortunately faced a bleeding demise.

What could this mean for Maggie? How can she protect Lori’s baby in the face of the world filled with walkers? Get answers to your burning Q’s from actress Lauren Cohan –

Chat with me a bit about Maggie’s role now that she has Lori’s baby in her care.

Maggie definitely steps up, and she steps up in protecting Carl. Well, not so much protecting him but looking out for him — as does everyone.

So the baby responsibility, there are some nice surprises as to how that all plays out. For me and for my character, this is only the beginning of a really wild road.

In this episode, you work a bit with Daryl (Norman Reedus) on the quest for formula. Tell me about playing that dynamic a bit.

And to go on the motorcycle with Daryl Dixon… [Laughs] But it’s kind of a crazy thing; we’re on the most important mission in the world — it happens to only be for baby formula — but it really is the most important mission in the world. The baby becomes the messiah for the group and brings everybody together, and you do get to see a softer side to Daryl.

Lastly, preview a bit for me what we’re going to see from the group now that Rick is going nuts — and rightly so.

You’re going to be surprised. It’s mayhem; it really is. All of a sudden, everyone is a little untethered.

‘The Walking Dead’ airs every Sunday on AMC.