The Walking Dead Spoilers: Is The Ongoing Flu This Season’s Villain?

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October 23, 2013

299c5265a98898ae22b61e2ac4b0db3cOkay, time to address the hurdle Rick and his remaining prison troops are experiencing in Georgia this season on The Walking Dead — FLU!

Since the show doesn’t exactly specify where the virus originated, fans are totally left guessing.

So, to give you a warning on what this ongoing disease/villain entails, check out this scoop we’ve learned via TV Guide:

You will be surprised to see how far this illness will spread. “There’s a point where the number of able-bodied people is one or two,” Lauren Cohan tells me. “It gets to a point where Maggie is the only person who can actually fight.”

‘The Walking Dead’ airs every Sunday on AMC.