The Walking Dead Spoilers: Is Rick Going To Be Fine???

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Is Rick Going To Be Fine???

In last Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead "Killer Within", two fatalities from the survivors in the prison kicked the bucket -- Lori and T-Dog. And while most of you flash back into the insurmountable pain of Lori's barbaric CS operation, as well as T-Dog's ultimate heroic act of baiting himself to the walkers, I suggest it's now time to let it go 'cause they're simply not coming back.

To focus your attention on the living, we all witnessed Rick's heartbreaking melt down when he sees Lori nowhere next to their newly born child. (Seriously, an Emmy's please?)

Obviously, Rick's future is not looking all bright and sunny. As most of us are wondering, how will he recover from this unfortunate ending? Is he going to be okay, atleast? Here's a statement from actress Sara Wayne Callies --

"In the book, Rick goes nuts because she dies. I think the way he goes nuts is pretty cool, and I think we want to see that at some point. But there is a baby to consider, even if it might not be his. Callies reasons that Rick might lose it mentally, but the baby will anchor his sanity. "Will Rick accept the child? Will this child have a chance? I think this is something that [Lori] settled into her own mind. I think she believes that Rick is a man who will not turn his back on a baby."

Source: E! Online