The Walking Dead Spoilers: Interview w/ Andrew Lincoln -- More Season 3 Revelations!

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Interview w/ Andrew Lincoln -- More Season 3 Revelations!

The Walking Dead actor, Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) sat down for an interview with TV Guide where he teases Rick's marital problems w/ wifey Lori -- played by actress Sarah Wayne Collies, and how it will affect the impending introduction of the governor (David Morrisey). Check out the latest spoilers we grabbed from the Q&A below:

How is Rick doing as a leader? Is anyone questioning him this season?

The Ricktatorship thing was a necessary tool to get them to survive. Everybody realizes he's the man for the job and that killing Shane [Jon Bernthal] was a necessary evil to get the right guy leading the group. The thing about Rick is that he will always lead to the weakest link, where Shane was not of that opinion.

He said, "We keep the strong, cut away the weak." And that's one of Rick's enduring strengths and his humanity, but it's also his weakness. And then you meet the Governor. Shane's policy is where the Governor's at. It's what would have happened if Shane had been a leader a little bit further down the line.

Between Rick and The Governor, these are two very strong, very opinionated leaders who just want to keep their people alive. What does this war between them look like because it can't all be physical.

A battle of wits as well. And I think also, having the Governor is a really great way of opening up the world. Season 2 was very much about the ideology within the group. Who's going to be leader? Now it's about outside of the prison and other humans. So it's much more about the threat of humans.

Is there a possibility the group might be split between staying with Rick or joining the Governor?

That's not necessarily where we go initially. But certainly, that's in there.

In addition to facing this new human threat in the prisoners and the Governor, Rick will also have to face his past in two very different ways: Andrea (Laurie Holden), who he left behind thinking she was dead, and Merle (Michael Rooker), who he inadvertently left for dead. What do those reunions look like?

The interesting thing with Andrea is that she doesn't know what happened. So for her to harbor a resentment is odd when how could she know that we didn't go back for her? She left. So how does she know that we left her? We were in the middle of an invasion. That was her POV.

But there is a mutual misunderstanding. Will that weigh on Rick once he finds out she's alive?

No. Because the way Rick saw it, he just killed his best friend, an invasion happened, the barn burned down, chaos reigned, everybody spread, we fortunately found my wife again and child.

What will surprise viewers about this season?

I think every episode is crazy. You wait. I think that Rick goes down the rabbit hole this season, and you start him off in a very dark place. There are two episodes in particular that I think are magnificent. It's almost like they're outdoing themselves to try and come up with new and inventive ways to punish us.

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