The Walking Dead Spoilers: Glenn Is Up For Revenge Against The Governor

Steven-Yeun-Lauren-Cohan-The-Walking-Dead-Season-3-AMCWe're finally days away from the season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead!

To whet your appetite, TV Line spoke to Steven Yeun who portrays the newly-minted badass of the group, Glenn. On their chat, the actor teases what fans should expect on the Oct. 13th opener titled "30 Days Without an Accident". What's more, he warns that viewers must watch out for a revenge-y scheme plotted against The Governor.

And so it must be true, love really does conquer all. Even in the post-apocalyptic world -- congrats, Maggie!

Keep reading for the interview:

Glenn seems a little more subdued/serious in the premiere. Is that just the residual effect of what happened to him in Season 3?

I think it’s a clear divide in terms of Maggie and Glenn’s outlook on life. At this point, there is a semblance of peace and there is a little bit of society that’s been built out. You can either go the way of saying, “Well, look at what we’ve built. We’re fine. We’ll be fine forever.” Or you can be Glenn, which is a little bit more cautious… He’s wary because out of [everyone], he’s been through quite a bit of crap. He always gets captured or beaten up. So he knows that when things are going well for a while, something’s bound to go wrong.

There’s almost this eerie peaceful quality throughout the opener.

The only thing I guess I can really say is that the title of the first episode is very appropriate. This world is so savage and brutal that you don’t know what’s going to happen the next day, [so you need] to hold onto what you have every day and cherish it.

What can you say about what’s ahead for Maggie and Glenn, specifically?
They’re in a great place. They just have different perspectives on how to continue on. The resounding theme among everybody is that you need another person — or people — to continue on. I think that’s something that we will revisit over the course of the season.

What is Glenn’s role now in the group?
I think he’s looked upon as a leader — someone to go to in tough times. He has hung in there with Rick, with Daryl, with everybody through thick and thin. He has a lot of responsibility at this point.

Does Glenn endure anything as horrible as what he went through in Season 3?
Glenn eats s–t all the time. [Laughs] So you’ll see him eating s–t.

Is capturing/finding the Governor on Glenn’s radar?
Glenn definitely does not look upon the governor with kind eyes. I don’t think he’s overcome that. He has really taken some lessons from Hershel that vengeance is vengeance, but [you need] to be there for the people that you love.

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