The Walking Dead Spoilers: David Morrisey Answers Your Burning “Governor” Q’s!

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October 30, 2012

David Morrisey’s villainous character in The Walking Dead was introduced last Sunday as the cunning but absolutely evil “Governor”. In an exclusive interview with TV Line, the on-screen Governor answered our most wanted questions!

The Governor and Penny –

Similarly, the pulp version of The Governor had a niece named Penny who met with an… interesting… fate. Will she show up on the small screen? “I can’t really speak definitely as to whether or not Penny is going to be included on the show,” Kirkman hedges. “All I can say is to stay tuned and keep an eye out.”

What’s ahead for the Governor this season –

Morrissey promises that the show will delve into the psychological makeup of his character “quite deeply” — though his proclivity to dispatch with empowered interlopers may be a simple matter of crowd control. “What he’s created there in that town is very idyllic, and it runs right through him. It’s about him. It works,” says the actor. “It’s a delicate balance that he’s creating, and he wants to choose the people who come in, and he wants to choose the people who go out.”

‘The Walking Dead’ airs every Sunday on AMC.