The Walking Dead Spoilers: Andrew Lincoln Interview -- Is There Still Hope for Rick and Lori?

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Andrew Lincoln Interview -- Is There Still Hope for Rick and Lori?

The Walking Dead actor, Andrew Lincoln spoke to Zap2it about his character, Rick Grimes on the AMC post-apocalypse TV series. In last night's episode "Sick", we saw how Rick negotiated with their newly found survivors, the prisoners who inhabited inside the cafeteria. Later on, the negotiation turned into a series of relentless killings. Meanwhile, his relationship with wife Lori continues to hover around the dark. On this interview, the Brit actor tell us about what's ahead in season 3 -- his relationship w/ Lori, his character's similariy w/the governor and Danai Gurira's character, as Michonne.

On whether there's any hope for Rick and Lori...

"I do think the major focus in his life now that he's succeeded in securing the prison is his relationship. I do think the end of episode 2 -- that's the first time they've touched each other in eight months, that's what we played. It's a tiny increment of a movement but it is in the right direction. I do think, for the time being, that's the largest obstacle he has to hurdle. Other problems may occur... Sarah [Wayne Callies, who plays Lori] and I have always [played] that these people, they love each other at a cellular level. They've been sweethearts, they're each other's first and last love. Now that they've found a place that potentially could be the citadel where they can start over for the future... for his wife, for everybody else, for the baby, they have to heal."

On possible similarities between Rick and The Governor...

"Perhaps The Governor is an evolution of Rick or a mirror to Rick a little bit further down the line. I always think the thing with Rick is that every death costs. Every death changes him which is one of the great things about playing him. I think The Governor has maybe made peace with that, he doesn't carry the responsibility and the guilt so much as Rick, so maybe that's where they'd diverge."

On Michonne...

"Michonne is extraordinary. I've seen a sequence [from a later episode] once it's been edited with their magic work in post. This samurai sword wielding woman taking out zombies... I've never seen anything like it. This world we inhabit is wild and it's kind of crazy but somehow it works."

'The Walking Dead' season 3 airs every Sunday on AMC.