The Walking Dead Spoilers: Actress Danai Gurira Speaks About Season 3 — “A lot of action happening”..

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October 9, 2012

Danai Gurira was interviewed by Digital Spy about her new TV character Michonne on the hit AMC horror series, The Walking Dead. Now that season 3 is on the way, the actress weighed-in that season 3 will be much different from the previous 2. More than that, Gurira also expressed how thrilling it was to be on the set of the zombie-packed tv series, read on for the actress’ statements below!

The beauty of it is that season two was so different from season one and that will definitely be the case again. They’re in a whole new location to last time and it does affect this whole entourage of characters. There’s a lot of action happening and so I think it’s a whole different gear.

The beauty of the creators of the show and their vision is that they will always keep it in a different gear. You will never get comfortable and you will never find it predictable from what I’ve been experiencing. There is no sitting back – it’s really edge of the seat stuff pretty much all the time, which is really thrilling to be a part of.

The Walking Dead premieres on Sunday, Oct.14th on AMC.