The Walking Dead Spoilers: A Preview on Next Week's Episode "Killer Within"

The Walking Dead Spoilers: A Preview on Next Week's Episode "Killer Within"

The Walking Dead's most vicious and relentless villain was introduced on last Sunday's episode, "Walk With Me". And with that marks another trajectory that will send us gripping on our seats in the next episodes to come.

When the cunning "Governor" of Woodbury was introduced as a cold-blooded sociopath and with Andrea and Michonne inhabiting his micro-community, I thought for a second that I was watching an episode of Criminal Minds. A narrative of a serial killer who will soon be chased by the FBI. But nope, in the land of Woodbury the only person suspicious enough to play the bad cop is Michonne. Without her handy samurai to slice and chop off some walkers, the ferocious survivor has convinced herself that the Governor is a  faux samaritan.

Now, let's go to your favorite part-- spoilers!

We learned that in next Sunday's episode, "Killer Within", a couple of events will be set in the prison and Woodbury. TV Overmind spilled the killer spoilers for us, check them out below!


The taking of The Prison was sort of the pinnacle of action for The Walking Dead as a series, until "Killer Within". If taking The Prison showed us how Rick and company had become experts in zombie killing, "Killer Within" shows us how those skills hold up when the group is divided and unexpectedly invaded by walkers. A whole herd of them. The result is an intense chase and fight sequence that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Dodging Bullets

Is there any question that Andrea and Michonne will never leave Woodbury without resistance? The Governor is affording them every opportunity to stay in Woodbury by their own choosing, and his offers to let them leave with their weapons are becoming more and more difficult to believe.