The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 3 “Isolation” Synopsis and Photos

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October 21, 2013

AMC has released the synopsis and promotional photos of The Walking Dead season 4 episode 3 “Isolation”, slated to air on Sunday, Oct. 27.

  • A group sets off from the prison in search of vital supplies, while the remaining members of the team deal with recent losses.




Source: AMC

  • Phyllis

    My take: I think Sasha killed Karen because she knew about her and Tyreese and didn’t want Karen to give Tyreese the flu. David inadvertently saw and had to be killed to prevent having a witness. As a result of interacting in the tombs the otherwise healthy Sasha picks up the blood coughing disease and brings it to the healthy part of the prison by going back and forth as seen in the trailers. Tyreese confronts Sasha and she admits to killing Karen and seeing that he lost his girlfriend and now most likely his sister Tyrese agrees to go on the mission, unbeknownst to everyone it is of a suicide nature for him (this would explain him drawing the massive horde to himself in the S4 Promo and letting the others escape). If the “AMC allows only two black main cast members on screen at a time theory” stand true, it makes sense to kill off Sasha and Tyrese and develop the storyline of Michonne and Bob. Sidenote: If anyone needs to die it’s Carol; completely useless and always putting herself and others in danger; is of absolutely no use to the survival of the group, if anything she is a liability.