The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 16 “Welcome to the Tombs” Sneak Peek #2

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March 25, 2013

The Governor begins his attack on the prison in this second sneak peek from The Walking Dead Season 3 finale, “Welcome to the Tombs”.

  • Elizabeth Diane Yost

    I think darryl will go nuts, and then end up finding laurie alive and that the governor had her all along on the season finale or i could be wrong next sun. either way the season finale next sunday will be good epsoide, i’m not missing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rictatorship

    to say the governor took laurie is the most moronic unintelligent thing i’ve ever heard from someone saying they watch the show. to say that the governor snuck into a prison he didnt know about, to steal the body of a woman he didnt know, to force feed another womans body into the walker that rick would find and gut, then to hold laurie prisoner is absolute stupidity. you obviously have never watched the show.

  • Arv

    He was probably talking about “laurie holden” the real name of andrea … .

  • willy2fly

    From what ive seen online in teasers / spoilers, it looks like Rick and the group chose to leave. I think whilst they prepare themselves, he and michonne go to find Daryl and to get Morgan to finally join with them. Morgan agrees and the group prepare the prison ‘tombs’ for the Govenors army with walkers and Morgan’s traps. Rick’s group leaves for Woodbury to find Andrea and the Govenor’s army attack the prison. I think maybe they will return or wait and ambush at the prison and mop up the last of the army. Deaths? Numerous Govenor henchmen, Milton, Martinez and (maybe) The Govenor himself. From Ricks Group? Hmmmmmm. Reports have indicated something absolutely shocking so im gonna say Beth and the new born, Judith to get caught in the crossfire. Also, Morgan to die as well.

  • Me

    Wow! Calm down and breath! That person was only taking a guess and putting their own thoughts down…NO NEED TO GET ALL WORKED UP. Just for that….I really do hope it’s something ” moronic unintelligent” happens.

  • mrsdaryldixon

    calm down, it’s just wishful thinking for interesting story…remember it’s only a tv show

  • TheWalkingDread

    Dude. Right there with you. Read that comment and it made my stomach hurt. “but….. but.. how? but..wait..but why…but…”

    I’m not even sure what point that would serve if it DID happen, which it couldn’t. isn’t just about how he would do it, it’s about why. why on god’s earth?

    I think Carol’s daughter being held by Herschel has lead our dear Elizabeth towards some pretty silly conjecture. Sorry lady, that aint happening twice.

  • astopanomou

    in the comic when the governor attacks the prison, Laurie (at that time she is still alive) dies with her newborn and Rick with Carl leave the prison once and for all. So u might be right about the newborn and the girl.