The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3 “Save the Last One” Promo

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October 24, 2011

Check out the promo for The Walking Dead season 2 episode 3 “Save the Last One”.

  • Anonymous

    The second season has been a blast so far, seeing the
    despair in our survivor’s eyes, knowing that the fight they are waging is fight
    they might not win, but on the bright side, zombies will cause a lot less
    pollution.  We do get to see Shane turn
    down a dark road of self preservation, I guess it would remain to be seen if it
    is for his group of survivors, or just his own, but I gather it is more his own
    then others. Working nights at DISH is the only bummer about my job, I don’t
    get to watch TWD live, but it’s on my DVR, and I use my sling adapter to stream
    it to my iPhone no matter where I am, I can also stream all my live subscribed
    channels as well.