The Walking Dead Actress and Exec. Producer Gale Anne Hurd Previews Season 3

The Walking Dead Actress and Exec. Producer Gale Anne Hurd Previews Season 3

Daily had a one-on-one talk with The Walking Dead actress/showrunner Gale Anne Hurd. On the course of their conversation, the actress gave fans an in-depth preview on what's to come in season 3 and her feelings about adapting the show as a comic book written by Robert Kirkman.

As someone who was around from the beginning and familiar with Robert Kirkman’s work, how did it feel for you to get to some of the more iconic storylines and characters from the comic book?

From the very beginning, with Frank, Robert, and myself, this is something we were so eager to get to. Knowing in the third season we would be able to tell these stories, we were thinking about how to bring them to life with the scale of a TV production. Thankfully, we had two seasons to prepare for this. We also had the fantastic opportunity to audition and cast for these roles. Because of the success and critical acclaim of the TV show and Robert’s comic book series, we were able to get really fine actors to bring these characters to life.

What about David Morrissey made you know he’d be perfect for the role of The Governor? Can you give our readers a little tease of what they can expect from him?

David is one of the finest actors in the UK, nominated for a BAFTA award, and is known for a nuanced performance. It is important that we have a villain that is not just a cardboard character, but someone you believe people can follow. His charisma and vision needs to command the respect of the citizens of Woodbury and he to be seen as a formidable threat to Rick Grimes and the other survivors.

As a fan of the comic book series, I’ve enjoyed how the TV series will follow the main elements, but make enough changes to keep me surprised and guessing. Is that something that continues in Season 3?

What’s important is to let the TV series remain true to characters and stories that have come before. At the same time, we take inspiration from the comic. There will continue to be iconic moments from the comic book, but always with a twist which will keep people off balance. It’s not just to keep people guessing, but evolves from the storytelling.

Can you tell me about how working with a bigger budget this season has helped improve the walker effects we’ll see?

Every year, during the off season, Greg Nicotero and his fantastic team at KNB EFX are developing new techniques and refining techniques. There’s a whole new world that we’re able to put on screen with the addition of animatronic walkers.

Glen Mazzara has said that he’d like to have seven seasons. Given the success of the show so far, are you already planning things that far out?

I think much bigger and maybe it’s my feature film background. Seven isn’t nearly enough…

So you’d like to see the series continue indefinitely and cover all of Robert’s story arcs?

Gale Anne Hurd: There is so much rich material to draw from and so many fantastic characters. There are so many different situations and characters to join our survivors, as well as [characters] to be pitted against them… I think there is no limit. There is certainly no limit to the comic book series and Robert has probably 250 [issues] figured out.

The Walking Dead season 3 premieres Oct. 14th, Sunday on AMC.