The Originals Spoilers: Marcel’s Women, Flashback’s Of Mythology And An Unexpected Romantic Connection

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October 29, 2013

Sinners and Saints
Tonight’s all new episode of The Originals, “Saints and Sinners”, will feature flashbacks packed full of mythology, an unexpected romantic connection, revealing insights into 16 year old Davina and much more! Here is a spoilery run down of what fans can expect from tonight’s eye opening episode!!

As you know, Marcel is forbidden from acting on his feelings for Rebekah, as part of a pact he was forced into by a disapproving Klaus. But as you’ll see tonight, that hardly keeps the comely Original from regularly getting up in Marcel’s grill and tempting him with “What if…” scenarios. Marcel, alas, will have his hands full with the other gals in his life – namely Davina, who’s about to “act out” in a big way, and Cami, whose true identity he thus far is unaware of.

History Lesson Flashback

There will be a serious download of witchy mythology in tonight’s episode, “Saints and Sinners”. We will finally learn the truth behind Davina’s power, starting with the event that kicked off the latest war between the witches and vampires.

Bonus Scoop

One flashback will reveal a romantic connection between two of the show’s characters that you’ll never see coming!!