The Originals Spoilers: Julie Plec With Core Character Plot Teases

The Originals Spoilers: Julie Plec With Core Character Plot Teases

Always and Forever
The Originals is set to premiere October 3rd along side The Vampire Diaries for a stupendous double header of series premieres. Julie Plec recently spoiled to TV Guide a run down of the core cast with tasty plot teases.

Marcel Gerard ~ Charles Michael Davis: “Marcel was an orphaned street rat until Klaus made him who he is. He has a mean streak, but there’s something that makes you root for him.”

Rebekah Mikaelson ~ Claire Holt: “Rebekah wants to start her life over in New Orleans, but with her brothers there too, can she?”

Hayley Marshall ~ Phoebe Tonkin: “People will go to great lengths to see to it that that baby is never born.”

Niklaus “Klaus” Mikaelson ~ Joseph Morgan: “The most volatile, ego-driven and angriest of the Mikaelson siblings, Klaus will struggle with the idea of a child throughout the season.”

Elijah Mikaelson ~ Daniel Gillies: “Elijah has always been Klaus’ consigliere. Now he’s hoping the child will help Klaus get in control of his life.”

Sophie Devereaux ~ Daniella Pineda: “It’s Sophie’s last-ditch effort to get the witches’ power back.”

Cami O’Connell ~ Leah Pipes: “She’s a psychology grad student who fundamentally believes there’s no such thing as evil. She’ll be the mirror that gets held up to each villain.”

Davina Claire ~ Danielle Campbell: “There are a lot of questions about who Davina is and what she’s capable of. That mystery plays a big part in the series’ mythology.”