The Originals Spoilers: Danielle Campbell Talks Elijah, Ancestral Magic, Davina's Power And Much More!!

The Originals Spoilers: Danielle Campbell Talks Elijah, Ancestral Magic, Davina's Power And Much More!!

Girl in New Orleans
Last week's The Originals gave us a some small insight into Marcel's secret weapon, Davina. Fans also got a glimpse into Davina's~Danielle Campbell internal adolescent struggle. Campbell has a spoilery rundown of what fans can expect in tonight's episode of The Originals, "Sinners And Saints", including Elijah scoop, ancestral magic, Davina's connection to the witches of New Orleans and much more!!

EW: Last week, we saw Klaus get to Davina and make her a little upset with Marcel, and, of course, the episode ended with Elijah waking up. And of all the Originals, Elijah seems to be the one most people trust and listen to. Does she fall into that boat, or is she skeptical thanks to Marcel?
Danielle Campbell: I think that, because he’s an Original, she definitely is cautious, but she also knows that as he’s the one who’s known to be noble. And he’s known to be trustworthy. I think it’s cool because Marcel always talks to Klaus about how Klaus taught him this and Klaus taught him that, but Marcel is different because he knows how to get people to trust him and be on his side. To me, I think of Marcel as a mix of Klaus and Elijah, because Elijah knows how to talk to people. He’s compassionate, and I can see right from the beginning that he’s genuinely concerned for me.

How would you describe the relationship between Davina and Marcel? I’m getting a father-daughter vibe.
Yeah, I think of it a lot as father-daughter or big protective brother, a really close protective big brother. I think of it as either of those, because both of those represent a father figure in a way.

I read where you talked about tonight’s episode, episode 5, really getting into the history of the witches?

Sinners and Saints

What are you most excited for people to see? We know Davina is incredibly powerful, and it’s not from years of practice. It’s somewhat natural. Are we going to find out why she’s so powerful?
You totally are, and not only that, but right now, she’s known as this evil little girl in an attic. I think that everyone’s going to get a back story and know why she’s so angry with the witches and why she’s with Marcel, and they’re really going to understand her and like her as a character that much more.

So if these witches have a past that we’ll learn about, then they definitely all know one another? Like Davina knows Sophie?
Yes. The witches practice ancestral magic. The witches are all like a family. They’re all tied to their roots in a way.

For Davina, would you say her biggest struggle is between being a powerful witch and being 16? I loved her having a crush last week, so are we ever going to see her get to be 16?
You will, and I think that’s something that’s really admirable about Davina, because you see this young girl who has so much power and so much built up anger and then at the same time, you saw her go completely weak in the knees for this young teenage love. I think that was the first time you saw a human side of her. She is vulnerable. She is just this young girl who still wants a normal life too. That’s one of the biggest things that people are going to fall for. She’s a young girl with so much power, but yet she can fall in love like everyone else.

Another thing I loved last week was watching Davina interact with Cami and have an older female to get advice from.
Oh totally! That was one of my favorites, working with Leah [Pipes] too, because I think Davina knows that she doesn’t get these opportunities a lot to be out of the attic and to talk about boys, so having [Cami] and having her genuinely interested in her and wanting to help her with her boy problem, she jumped at that and spilled her heart out about this boy that she cared for. I thought that was really admirable.

Sinners and Saints

So far, everything’s been building to kicking off with war between Klaus and Marcel. Now that it has more or less begun, what’s the next big plot point?
To me, the stakes keep getting that much higher. There’s people who are continuously after Hayley. There’s people who want to kill the baby; there’s people who want to save the baby. There’s a lot going on there. Then there’s the witches who are after Davina for a certain reason. There are all these moving parts, and every episode we’re going to get that much closer and raise the stakes that much more. Then once those stakes have been met, there’s new ones. The episode we’re about to do now is 10, and that’s weeks away, and I couldn’t be more excited for this stuff. I’m so happy that I’m genuinely so excited about the script. I was talking with Leah [Pipes] the other day, and we were saying how awesome it is to think of our scripts as a book, and every time we finish an episode, we want the next one right away. I think that makes it really exciting, to just keep getting more intense with each episode.

Now that Elijah’s back, is he going to put a wrench in things? How does his return affect things?
I think having Elijah back adds a different spin for everyone, for Klaus and for Marcel too. For me, now I have another person I’m speaking too secretly, so he definitely adds a different spin. And Daniel [Gillies], just in general, he’s awesome. Not just as an actor, but he’s one of the funniest people I know.
And he’s always looking good in a suit ...
Exactly! He was in one of his leather jackets the other day and I’m like, “Oh my God that’s awesome that they’re letting you wear that!” And he’s like, “Oh no, this is mine.” I was like, “They should definitely put you in it because it looks great.”

Let’s end with one final tease for tonight and the season in general.
The season in general, literally everyone’s going to be wanting the next episode right after one finishes. It’s a page turner, for sure. For tonight, you guys finally get to understand why Davina has so much power.