The Newsroom Spoilers: Will Sloan and Don Be Romantically Involved?

The Newsroom Spoilers: Will Sloan and Don Be Romantically Involved?


The Newsroom season 2 is finally (almost) here, yay!

I'm sure a lot of you are curious about what this season has in-store for us. Don't fret 'cause I'll do my best in supplying you the latest there is as far as spoilers are concerned.. Which brings me to my next point -- romantic scoops!

On HBO's fictional newsroom drama, there had been a couple of slips / shakeups on the romance department involving Don-Maggie-Sloan plus Maggie's roommate (whom I cannot remember, sorry). As expected on TV series, complicated relationships among co-workers are always there to last -- until forever.

I'm sure you can second to that, Maggie. You gotta figure it out at one point, woman.

Anyhow, last season, Sloan confessed that she's kinda "in" to Don. She also said something about Don not being a 'bad guy' and that the only reason she's not with someone at the time is primarily because he never asked her out. Natch, the speech backfired. Don did not pursue her and in lieu, he asked Maggie to move in with her while making it official with a key-in-a-box romantic gesture. Wow.

How will this affect Sloan? Will it be awkward between her and Don? Or have they moved-on from that sour ending? Read on for the latest spoilers --

While the new season will certainly play with the chemistry between Don and Sloan, it might not necessarily be as romantic as you'd think. Olivia Munn (Sloan Sabbith) shares:

"You can have a crush on somebody, and it doesn't mean they're the love of your life. He shut her down completely. When somebody tells you they don't want to be with you... you see them differently forever."

Source: TV Guide

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The Newsroom season 2 premieres Sunday, July 14th on HBO.