The Newsroom Spoilers: Operation Genoa Falls Apart; Plus, Who Will Resign?

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The major arc of The Newsroom this season has been Jerry Dantana's overarching Operation Genoa. As the series progressed, we find out more about how the ANC team prioritized Dantana's faux-story. Seeing the events played out, not to mention Jerry editing the interview footage, it is only a matter of time before all their efforts are put in vain.

Next Sunday on "Red Team III", more lawsuit drama and shocking flashback events will unfold. On top of that, prepare to see Will Mcavoy and co. lose some of their valued colleagues as three of the ANC crew forms a bond to resign.

More spoilers below, check them out:

A few episodes back, we learned that Jim’s replacement Jerry Dantana was bringing the suit against ACN, but in this Sunday’s ep, we get much more detail on what led to the DC-based producer getting the boot. “Institutional failure” is a phrase tossed around quite often, and most of the characters spend some time parrying with Marcia Gay Harden’s Rebecca Halliday during the hour. In flashbacks, we find out how the Operation Genoa story (which, as we all have known since the star of the season, isn’t true) falls apart on a grand scale… and by the end of the episode, three characters offer their resignations to boss lady Leona.

Source: TV Line

Watch the sneak peeks of next Sunday's episode below: