The Newsroom Spoilers: Is the "Genoa Tip" A Fake Story?


Jerry Dantana (Hamish Linklater) has been introduced on The Newsroom's season 2 premiere as a rapscallion, sorta. But he truly is? When he gave the "Genoa tip" to Mac, did he actually bring the whole ANC team buried in a pile of lawsuits?

Here's an intel we've learned coming up on the Aaron Sorkin drama, read the spoilers below:

Although newcomer Jerry Dantana is convinced that his story is real, he'll continue to butt heads with skeptical higher-ups at ACN. But that doesn't necessarily make him a bad guy. "Jerry's not a black hat," executive producer Alan Poul says. "He just happens to be ambitious. He's driven by incredibly human motives, but [he's] vulnerable to the kind of temptations and pressures that landing a big story like this would present to him in terms of furthering his own career. ... It's just too juicy to walk away from." Fortunately for Jerry, in Sunday's episode, the team receives a piece of intel that even the biggest skeptic can't ignore.

Source: TV Guide

Watch the promo for "The Genoa Tip" episode below: