The Newsroom Spoilers: How Will Jerry’s Unethical Move Affect The ANC Team?

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August 21, 2013

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On last Sunday’s episode of The Newsroom “One Step Too Many”, Mac and co. finally got a recorded interview from one of their sources for the Operation Genoa story.

However, things went south when Retired General Stomtonovich refuse to confirm that the US troops actually used sarin gas to civilians. To his disappointment, Dantana doctored the footage, editing what Stomtonovich has actually said and ultimately presenting a fake footage to his ANC team.

What could be the comeuppance of Jerry’s unethical actions? Will Mac learn about it soon?

Read the spoilers we’ve learned:

MacKenzie will learn of Jerry’s duplicity sooner rather than later, but that doesn’t mean it will help ACN at all in the ongoing wrongful-termination lawsuit. In fact, evidence piles up so quickly against the News Night team that Sunday’s episode features not one, but several resignations.

Source: TV Guide