The Newsroom Season 2 Spoilers: 'American Taliban' Lawsuit, A Terrible Hairdo, Will's Stoned Voicemail and More!


With only three days away, The Newsroom crew is back for its sophomore season! Check out the spoilers we've learned:

“The Tea Party hasn’t forgotten about the ‘American Taliban’ comment Will made in last season’s finale, and ACN takes a few major hits because of it. But that’s nothing compared to the huge trouble the network – and News Night, in particular – are in as the season opens. Elsewhere: Maggie’s got a terrible new haircut (with an even more terrible story behind it), a NewsNight staffer gets arrested, Marcia Gay Harden is a lot of fun as a sharp-dressed attorney, Jim spends a lot of time on a bus with Grace Gummer (Smash) and we finally find out exactly what Will said in the rest of his stoned voicemail to Mackenzie.”

Source: TV Line

Hit the play button to watch a promo trailer of The Newsroom season 2 below: