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The New Normal Spoilers: Casting a Dad for Episode 9

Break out the champagne, Bryan (Andrew Rannells) and David (Justin Bartha) are finally engaged! (But make sure it's the real deal and none of that "pretend champagne".) With weddings come family, and it just so happens that The New Normal is casting for a dad to enter into things.

We know it can't be Shania's (we've already seen that guy) so that rules her out - so who is it?

"New Normal is currently on the hunt for a big name to play David's father, who's described as attractive, Jewish and was once quite the playboy way back when. But we won't meet him until episode nine."

We already know how well Bryan gets along with David's mom (although they're slightly on better terms now), so how well do you think he gets along with David's father?

Speculate on episode 9, and who should play David's "playboy" of a dad, in the comments.

Source: E! Online