The New Normal Spoiler: Who Dresses in Drag?

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November 30, 2012

If you’ve ever wanted to see anyone on the cast of Ryan Murphy’s The New Normal dress in drag, then you’re in luck! But who will it be? Well, it sounds like it could be Rocky. Or Nana Jane. Or both. Or neither. Is anyone else a little confused by this spoiler from E! Online?

“Have you ever wanted to see a Rocky drag queen? How about a drag queen who looks like Nana? In episode 12, you’ll get to feast your eyes on both. Plus, Shania will come face to face with some mean girls, and guess who sets their sights on revenge against them?”

Who do you think will be dressing as Rocky and Nana drag queens in episode 12, and who will avenge sweet Shania in the mean girl kingdom?