The New Normal Spoiler: Rocky Redeems Chris Brown!

The New Normal - Season 1

And you thought The New Normal was stopping at the Boy Scouts Controversy.... No, that won't be the first time New Normal tackles a social issue on the show, and it certainly won't be the last.

In fact, next up: Chris Brown. As in, NeNe Leakes' Rocky trying to redeem Chris Brown. What do you think of this spoiler?

"Leave it to Rocky to try to redeem Chris Brown! In an upcoming episode, NeNe Leakes' character makes a crack about trying to help rehabilitate his image by making him play a transgender soup kitchen worker on Bryan's show."

Oh Ryan Murphy, what will your genius mind think of next. So does this mean we can look forward to a Chris Brown guest appearance on The New Normal fairly soon?

Source: Zap2It